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Workshops ‘Open Heart’ Lyse LeBeau create a transformation in relations by improving communication, discovering our vision of ourselves expressing our full potential, increasing self-esteem and healing our ‘patterns’ limitations and self- sabotage. Conscious breathing and the practice of Yoga play an important role in the awareness of Self and allow us to regain our personal power. These tools facilitate access to our intuition and better stress management in order to channel our energies in a creative and constructive way.

Its Transformation Leadership Program includes coaching in communication, empowerment teachings, teamwork and group synergy learning. Commitment, responsibility and integrity are the keys to the Leadership Development and Leadership Program. The practice of communication to foster collaboration, effectiveness and results is the cornerstone of the work. Lyse also offers private coaching on personal and professional success. For the management of stress and the reduction of burnout in the business world, Lyse and his partner, Duart Maclean, incorporate the proven benefits of Yoga and the techniques of relaxation, breathing and meditation in corporations.

Awaken the inner fireAwakening Indoor Fire – Relations, Leadership and Self-Esteem

New book on healing patterns, breathing work and yoga. Available at , or .

This book describes our greatest unconscious patterns and
how to transform them.

Awaken the inner fireAwaken the inner fire – Free yourself through yoga (European Version)

This book, which contributes to self-awareness, expansion of relationships and open-heartedness, is now available in France, Belgium, Switzerland and Luxembourg.

Videos about the Leadership Program

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