À Coeur Ouvert II

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Create a vision of the future that inspires us.

If you are a graduate of the Open Heart workshop, you have had the opportunity to discover your “patterns”, your personal law (eg: I am not good enough – I Will never succeed – I am not up to the task – I am not capable – I am not wanted – etc.), to see their action ruin your life or the least we can say sabotage The best relationships or the best opportunities … If you want to live the life you dream of, this weekend is for you!

Come and meet your destiny and learn how to master your life!

We are committed to the joy of living, having fun and demonstrating our innocence in our lives and in the lives of all those with whom we come into contact.

What am I building now?

  • To manifest in my life the desires of my heart
  • To live the life of which I dream
  • Live a life that I love, that turns me on and inspires me
  • Live with joy and passion

What did I learn from my parents?

  • Resume and develop my personal power
  • complete
  • Self-empowerment: the way to release me and be powerful
  • To become aware of my “patterns” and their action in my life
  • Exorcise my personal law of my life by becoming aware of my power

What am I hired?

  • Become aware of the secret commitments I have made and defuse them in order to commit myself to what I really want to create
  • To consider the power of engagement as a freedom
  • Free myself from ambivalence and choose
  • Use the power of decision, contact the decision center