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Love & Money

Open to receive!
The more you open yourself to love, the more you open yourself to money!
Learn how the relationship you have with yourself affects all of your relationships.
Increase your vitality, your joie de vivre and your prosperity.
Learn effective ways to use in your daily life.
Give yourself the things you want in your life.

Participants in the “Love & Money” workshop can benefit from a reduction of $ 50 on the workshop “À Coeur Ouvert”.

Conscious Couple

The couple

Support ongoing to create the torque
For those couples who have failed.
For those who have divorced or separated.
For those who are couple and want to transform their relationship and move on to another level.
For those who want to complete the competitive relationship and create complicity.
For those who want to learn to be couple and create a relationship that works.
For those who are alone and who dream of being in relationship.


If mutually support to create our lives and realize our individual dreams and torque.

Release resentment, forgive and make room for love and appreciation for each other.

Generate Vision turns us, inspires us, that makes us overcome and transform our resistance and our resignation.

Increase our level of integrity, honesty, compassion, self-love and the other. Go beyond what is superficial and connect with the purpose of the couple.

  • Self-realization
  • Consciousness
  • Evolution
  • Maturity


The essence of the couple is life: Life calls life and beauty. This includes children, family, sex, social life, money and equipment. The human condition in our society makes us live in an ocean of unconsciousness that generates power relations, competition and having rather than Being. Statistics, soap novels and advertising are all there to prove that couples do not work (50% of failures) and that most of the others are dying or tolerating themselves. Through the Conscious Couples we will succeed in overcoming and reversing the trend. We will make the couple possible by changing the conversation of the human condition to become Who we are. By staying awake, we will support each other in creating the couple and the family that are the foundation of our civilization and our society. The environment in which we live, in which we breathe will cease to weaken and destroy the couple and be based on appearances. We will reverse this condition by supporting ourselves in our power of being. We will be together in being Who we are because who we are is the foundation of our relationships. We will become mature, conscious and profound. Our Life will be the exact expression of the masterpiece that we are.

Animated by Lyse Lebeau and his team of workshops AT HEART OPEN

Opening of consciousness

Meeting Soi

Since 1983, Lyse has hosted Ateliers: Who am I? To meet Soi. In 1985, she created the workshop “At Heart Open, expansion in relationships” and various workshops on “Love and Money”, “Self Esteem”, “Personal Power”, “Leadership” “Creating a vision of the Future that inspires us”, “Conscious Breathing”, “Stress Management”, “Love and Sensuality” and others.

It now opens up to the general public of Soirées Ateliers on the themes developed over the past 15 years in intensive workshops.

Lyse Lebeau invites you to an enriching evening of personal awareness and development.

Its goal: To bring concrete and palpable results into your daily life. Make a DIFFERENCE in your Reality and Improve Your Quality of Life.

Conference in “openness of conscience”

Series of lectures on the manifestation of Our Full Potential in our life.

Our ignorance, patterns acquired for survival have blocked us in our experience and the expression of ourselves. With a more accurate understanding and acceptance of our reality, we find an inner force that “turns on and inspires us”.

“We are all creators of OUR REALITY; It is enough to believe in our Greatness “.

Lyse Lebeau invites you to an adventure that reconciles with yourself and propels you into your Power of Being.

Some themes:

  • Self-Sufficiency
  • Know how to recharge your batteries
  • Self esteem
  • Generate by yourself
  • Finding Beauty
  • Selflessness
  • Prosperity
  • Joy of life

Individual consultations, couples, partners and organizations are also available.