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Rebirthing School Training – 3 Month Course

A personal development program and / or professional focused on mastering the technique of “Conscious Breathing and Connected” *

This training is for all those who wish to:

  • Increase personal esteem and vitality
    - Transforming the negative internal dialogue in positive self esteem
  • Heal their relationships
    - Learn how to empower themselves by empowering others
  • Cure their “death drive”
    - Release the family legacy of negative patterns
  • Breaking free from their addictions, addictions and negative patterns
    - Learn a technique to quickly remove internal bottlenecks, giving way to freedom, happiness and success
  • Open to love and abundance
    - Diving in plenty of non-duality, the unified field of all possibilities
  • Develop integrity and commitment to success
    - Generate income full or part time through the healing power of breathing
  • Reduce stress and increase peace of mind
    - Be as you are

* Also known as: healing and conscious breathing, Rebirthing, Kriya Pranayama Breathing transformative

Since 1983, Lyse LeBeau conducts workshops entitled, Who am I ?: An appointment with Self. In 1985, she created Open Heart: expansion in relationships and self-awareness and also hosts its first School of rebirth and workshops Love & Money, Self Esteem, Personal Power, Leadership, Creating a vision of the future that we inspired, conscious breathing, stress Management & Rediscover the adventure of life. Lyse invites you to participate in a program dedicated to making expanded awareness and transformation.

The School of rebirth includes material from each of the workshops listed above.


  1. Art & Science of rebirth Birth & relationships
  2. Rebirth dry and water Healing the body and mind
  3. The spiritual cleansing personal law
  4. Emotional Integration & Longevity immortality
  5. Customer relations staff and Process Group
  6. In business with the rebirth Consultations


  1. SELF-ESTEEM: tools to create the life you want.
  2. PATTERNS: unconscious mechanisms that sabotage your life, your relationships, your career, your finances and your health.
  3. RELATIONS: create intimacy; improve your current relationships; attract your ideal partner.
  4. PROSPERITY: create abundance in every area of your life.
  5. COMMUNICATION: express yourself fully and clearly communicate.
  6. EMOTIONS: let go dramas and denials; back your power.
  7. BELIEFS: transform your life by transforming your unconscious beliefs.
  8. INTEGRATION: the art of breathing: a tool for transformation and healing.

A phased program of 3 months:

  1. 3 weekend, from 10 to 18
  2. 12 nights
  3. Rebirth 1 exchange per week

Rebirthing … Is this the solution?

Most people do not breathe fully. Very young was inhibited our breathing, and she became jerky and short rather than full and liberating. Stress, trauma, tension, fear and anxiety are contrary to relax. And repressed emotions create a tension that prevents traffic proceed normally. In general, we have too short a breath because we block the energy ( “chi”) and resisting the Life! In general we are afraid to feel our potential and open to the Living people.

To live is to breathe!

Rebirth is a simple and effective technique that can allow you to have easy access to the source of the problem.

It is a continual process and circular breathing, that is to say, the inhalation and exhalation are of the same amplitude and there are no stops in between. This “connected” breathing, if maintained for some time, puts you in a state of consciousness of the here and now, however, crossed by old images and feelings from the past. Let emerge and become aware of these repressed emotions allows us to get them out of the field of consciousness and they will cease at the same time to have psychological effects on our lives. So it’s a safe, easy, enjoyable and effective for releasing the body, mind, heart and soul.

We create our reality!

What prevents to feel an intense vitality and joy of life, it is the conscious and unconscious negative beliefs that we have about life and about ourselves. Thought vehicle that creates an emotional charge results in our life. If we have two contradictory thoughts, such a conscious thought that says “I want to succeed in my job” and an unconscious thought which expresses “I’m not good enough”, which will be decisive is the one with the greatest emotional charge because it then convey the magnetism advantage. We will vain to succeed, belief in our incompetence will create in our life situations where we will not be up to the task. It is not farfetched to say that if we want to change our relations or aspects of our lives, we must change the thoughts and release emotion, hence the importance to breathe.


In general, we create in our lives the same situations, we come up against the same kind of people until we realize the importance of freeing ourselves from past emotional blockages. Any situation or experience that was incomplete, leaving an unresolved issue, will reappear in our relations in order to be completed, solved and released. We continue to attract and be attracted to people who will allow us to recreate the situation of these old problems to solve in our unconscious liberation efforts.

Rebirthing, allowing us to become aware of these patterns and release repressed emotions, promotes recovery of this energy to transform it into a new creative energy, which increases the ability to live here and now.