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Lyse LeBeau’s Open Heart Seminars emphasize loving relationships, effective communication, finding a personal vision for our life, building self-esteem, and healing our patterns of self-sabotage. Breathwork, also called rebirthing, as well as Yoga practice and philosophy play an important role, deepening the experience and accelerating the benefits of this transformational work.

Her Transformational Leadership Training Program focuses on communication and relationships in business and institutional environments. Lyse highlights teamwork, empowerment, synergy and personal responsibility in her leadership training and development program. Communication training for collaboration, effectiveness and results is the cornerstone of her work. She also offers personal and professional success coaching as well as life coaching on a private basis. For stress management and reduced ‘burn-out’ in business and corporations, Lyse and her partner, Duart Maclean, incorporate the proven benefits of Yoga, relaxation and meditation.

Awakening The Fire Within - Relationship, Leadership & Self-EsteemAwakening The Fire Within - Relationship, Leadership & Self-Esteem

A New Book on Healing Patterns, Breathwork and Yoga. Available at Amazon.com or Trafford Publishing.

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Duart Maclean on what the Leadership Program is about and what it promises:

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