Open Heart I

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Open Heart I

Our life is about relationships. From the innermost depths of our being we are connected to our mates, our families, our friends, our colleagues. The way we think, feel and act establishes the quality of our human relationships. Our attitudes also determine our experience of money, our careers, intimacy, authority, sex, our bodies, etc. Too often in our relationships, we experience constriction and suppression rather than relaxation, freedom and happiness. We find ourselves caught in an ongoing, vicious circle of reaction—to events, circumstances and personalities. In order to break this reactive cycle and to achieve what we truly want, we must uncover and transform our unconscious negative thoughts patterns. Healing and expansion then follow as a natural result.

The Purpose of the Weekend

OPEN HEART will give you the opportunity to explore your relationships and to discover the unconscious mechanisms which prevent them from reaching their full potential. The seminar will support you in rehabilitating your innate capacity to realize your innermost heart’s desires.

OPEN HEART will enable you to identify blockages and to recreate relationships which are truly fulfilling.

OPEN HEART will support you in realizing your personal quest for love, truth and simplicity.

OPEN HEART will empower you in fulfilling your dreams, whatever they may be.

OPEN HEART is a weekend seminar which takes place in a loving environment of sharing, security and relaxation.