Open Heart I

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Open Heart I

Our life is about relationships. From the innermost depths of our being we are connected to our mates, our families, our friends, our colleagues. The way we think, feel and act establishes the quality of our human relationships. Our attitudes also determine our experience of money, our careers, intimacy, authority, sex, our bodies, etc. Too often in our relationships, we experience constriction and suppression rather than relaxation, freedom and happiness. We find ourselves caught in an ongoing, vicious circle of reaction—to events, circumstances and personalities. In order to break this reactive cycle and to achieve what we truly want, we must uncover and transform our unconscious negative thoughts patterns. Healing and expansion then follow as a natural result.

The Purpose of the Weekend

OPEN HEART will give you the opportunity to explore your relationships and to discover the unconscious mechanisms which prevent them from reaching their full potential. The seminar will support you in rehabilitating your innate capacity to realize your innermost heart’s desires.

OPEN HEART will enable you to identify blockages and to recreate relationships which are truly fulfilling.

OPEN HEART will support you in realizing your personal quest for love, truth and simplicity.

OPEN HEART will empower you in fulfilling your dreams, whatever they may be.

OPEN HEART is a weekend seminar which takes place in a loving environment of sharing, security and relaxation.

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My Experience with Open Heart

Open Heart is one of the most powerful and enriching seminars I’ve ever attended and I’m not easy to please. I have a strongly analytical mind, work as a research consultant in community health and have dabbled in different psychotherapies in order to know myself. Yet never was I as empowered or as uplifted, as I was in Open Heart. The workshop is professionally run in a loving, joyful, secure environment from the moment you arrive on Friday night to the moment you leave on Sunday night – by which time you don’t want to leave! Your heart and your mind have been so opened, you’ve experienced such tremendous release on so many levels, you’ve been deeply touched by what other people have shared, that you want to take it all home with you and never lose it! Because you know that out there in the world, people are all too often suppressed, joyless, without a meaningful purpose in life, without love or a fulfilling career – and what you experienced in the workshop was a bit of sheer heaven! This is a workshop where you are given the knowledge that YOU HAVE THE POWER to create a very fulfilling life with satisfying relationships!! And all the tools are provided in this intensive one weekend encounter!! Not only do you learn of the nine or so basic patterns of non-working relationships and how you can change them, you also discover the primal law of your subconscious mind that blocks you from achieving your fullest potential in life, and HOW YOU CAN CHANGE THAT! All this and more through simple but profoundly effective written and verbal exercises, guided meditations, creative visualization and some breath releasing work.

What was most amazing for me in the workshop, was that I discovered my true purpose in life! It was the most ecstatic, deeply spiritual revelation I had never had! The second most amazing thing is that I met my future husband, Valmond, in a second Open Heart workshop! And my life has been improving steadily ever since. Whatever might be holding you back from doing the workshop – ask yourself this question: Am I willing ti give up some or all of my unhappiness? If the answer is yes, then Open Heart is for you. It is the plumber of the psyche – it will get you unstuck!

– Lucille Pica, M.Sc. in Epidemiology and Biostatistics