Rebirthing School



Rebirthing School Training – 3 Month Course     

A program for personal and/or professional development focussing on mastery of the “Conscious Connected Breathing” technique*

Topics include:

  • Increasing self-esteem & vitality
    - Transform negative self-talk into positive self-regard
  • Healing relationships
    - Learn how to empower yourself by empowering others
  • Healing the “death urge”
    - Let go of negative inherited family patterns
  • Clearing addictions & negative habits
    - Learn a technique for rapidly removing internal blocks to freedom, happiness and success
  • Opening to love & abundance
    - Tap into the abundance of the non-dual, unified field of all possibilities
  • Developing integrity & commitment for success
    - Generate full-time or subsidiary income through the healing power of the breath
  • Reducing stress & gaining inner peace
    - Be as you are.

*Also known as: the healing breath, rebirthing, kriya pranayama, transformational breath

Rebirthing is a natural, relaxing breathing process that makes use of the body’s inherent ability to cleanse and heal itself.

The effects of this process can be identified on at least four levels: physical, emotional, mental and spiritual. Physically, rebirthing reduces stress and releases pain that may be held in the body. Mentally, rebirthing helps us become conscious of thoughts and conclusions in our unconscious which are preventing us from manifesting what we desire. Emotionally, rebirthing allows us to release and integrate what we have suppressed. Spiritually, rebirthing awakens our intuitive powers and our awareness of our essential innocence. In other words we become fully conscious—conscious thinkers, conscious feelers, conscious breathers, and conscious participants in our own Life Purpose.

Combining the use of energy, affirmations and acceptance, rebirthing supports us in being true to ourself. Being ourself, we feel empowered, lighter, more alive and more deeply trusting in life and the universe. Our breath is the vital link between the visible and the invisible worlds, release of the outer breath opens the door to our divine personal power. As we recognize this power we erase useless victims mentalities.

Essential to rebirthing is the idea that thought is creative. We create life experience through our thoughts, both conscious and unconscious. Rebirthing provides the opening through which to observe and change early preverbal thoughts that negatively colour life experiences. Fresh choice becomes possible when unconscious conditioning is released; feelings can be felt more easily, answers flow more quickly from the intuitive and life holds a heightened experience of safety and pleasure.

Although rebirthing is a gentle process, its effects are far reaching. We experience increased personal power for creating joy and success in our life as the rebirthing process releases blocks to self-acceptance, self-expression and self-confidence. Rebirthing supports us in taking personal responsibility for our life, which in turn generates greater self-esteem and compassion for others.

Rebirthers are well trained and experienced in the rebirthing process. The rebirther is an anchor who provides a safe environment and acts as a breathing guide. Rebirthing is easily learned and enjoyed by people from all walks of life. We recommend at least ten sessions. Each session lasts as long as the energy cycle requires, which is typically one to two hours.

The training includes:

  • 3 weekends, from 10am til 6pm
  • 12 evening sessions
  • 1 Rebirth exchange per week

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