Yoga & Meditation

A Course on Deep Healing: Self-Enquiry, Yoga & Transcendence

Relax into your Essential Nature

  • Learn to listen to the wisdom of your body
  • Dissolve stress at its source through yoga and self-enquiry (Who am I?)
  • Liberate yourself from destructive tendencies and dependencies
  • Transform limited perception born of inherited conditioning
  • Experience the beauty and perfection of yourself and of life

Self-enquiry is simple, immediate and profound, requiring no change in life-style, religeon or beliefs. Destructive tendencies are healed as a natural result of increasing Self-awareness. There are no prerequisites to taking up this practise, other than the sincere desire to find out who we really are. By addressing the question, ‘Who am I?’, in the method prescribed by Ramana Maharshi, we initiate a deep yet silent revolution in our lives.

Yoga purifies and strengthens the body and mind. It gives us greater flexibility and stamina, and increases aliveness in our entire body. Greater mental energy and concentration also result. For these reasons, yoga has traditionally been practised by spiritual seekers as an aid to meditation.

Breathing is the connection between mind and body. Breathing carries prana (life-force) to every cell of the body. Simple breathing techniques, known as pranayama, combine with the postures of yoga to create a powerful methodology for protecting and increasing health, reducing or eliminating illness, and enhancing the experience of well-being.

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