Yoga & méditation

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Relax in your essential nature

  • Learn to listen to the wisdom of your body
  • Relax stress at its source with yoga and self-investigation (Who am I?)
  • Free yourself from your destructive tendencies and dependencies
  • Transform your limited perceptions that are born of your conditioning that you inherited
  • Experience your beauty and perfection of yourself and life

Self-investigation is simple, instant and profound, requiring no change in lifestyle, religion or beliefs. The healing of destructive tendencies is the resultant that occurs naturally when Self-consciousness increases. There is no prerequisite to undertake this practice, otherwise the sincere desire to find out who we really are. By asking the question, ‘Who am I?’, By the method recommended by the wise Ramana Maharishi, we begin in silence, a profound revolution in our lives.

Yoga purifies and strengthens the body and mind. It gives us more flexibility and more vigor, while increasing the vivacity of our body. A greater alertness as well as a greater capacity of concentration ensue. For these reasons, yoga is traditionally practiced by those who deepen spirituality because it facilitates meditation.

Breathing is the link between thought and body. Respiration brings in each cell of our body, prana (life and strength). Simple breathing techniques, known as pranayama, combined with yoga postures, create a powerful methodology to be healthier, reduce or eliminate the disease and increase the experience of wellness.

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